mercoledì 11 ottobre 2017


The widespread shareholders of Parma Calcio 1913 announced a major change to the Board of Directors of Parma Partecipazioni Calcistiche SpA at a press conference at the sports center of Collecchio. The new Chief Executive Officer will be Alberto Grisanti, formerly the Director of PPC, succeeding Alessandro Squeri who remains a member of the Board of Directors.

With the presence of the ownership (Pietro Pizzarotti), numerous of journalists, and PPC associates, the press conference opened with Luca Carra, CEO of Parma Calcio 1913, who thanked everyone and wished all the best for the Board’s continued journey. In particular, Carra thanked Sandro Squeri for the rebirth of Parma Calcio 1913 and wished the best for Alberto Grisanti who received a “heavy legacy”.

“To my friend Sandro,” commented Corrado Cavazzini, President of Parma Partecipazioni Calcistiche, S.p.A., “on behalf of the Council and all of its partners, our most felt ‘thanks’ for what has been done for the society and for the revival of Parma Calcio 1913. I am convinced, knowing him, that even the Councilor will know how to give his valuable contribution”. “Also, I would like to thank my friend Alberto,” concluded Cavazzini, on the behalf of the PPC’s Board of Directors, “for the generosity and the will he demonstrated by accepting this new and prestigious position: to him, my greatest ‘good luck’. Of course, thank you to his committment and to all of the Council, that we will focus on the goal of the many associates”.

“I would like to thank,” said Alessandro Squeri, “all the friends of the Council for the respect demonstrated during the months that I served as the Chief Executive Officer of PPC and, in particular, thank you to President Cavazzini, with whom I shared a new course with that was exciting and full of satisfaction. I thank all the associates once again, who were a source of support and encouragement and I promise my continued presence and committment in the future. I am proudly passing the reigns to Alberto, a true friend, a person I think highly of, who I believe has the right personality for PPC. I am certain he will know how to combine energy and professionalism while carrying out this young project and I give him all of my support”.

“I would also like to thank Sandro,” emphasized the new CEO of PPC, Alberto Grisanti, “for involving me from the very beginning of this fantastic project that I always firmly believed in, for having me strongly want to be in the council first and then supporting me, right away, for change. Finally, for the great work he did as CEO which he did with great dedication, committment, love, and passion. Now PPC begins to gather the fruits of his great labor together with the President and the entire board. I thank the President, fellow councilors for their trust and esteem, and to them as well as to all of our associates, I promise the utmost committment, being aware of the great responsibilities that’s involved in this prestigious position. It is an honor for me to fill this important, demanding, and pleasant position, and I am happy to continue the journey that was best taken by those who preceded me”.

“I would like to welcome Mr. Franco Bardiani, a new associate, who will help grow the PPC world with his professionalism,” concluded Alberto Grisanti.

During the press conference: 
Alberto Grisanti, Corrado Cavazzini and Alessandro Squeri.

Alessandro Squeri and Alberto Grisanti.